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Lesley Erica Illustrations

Handmade Journals, Original Illustrations, Digital Prints & Collage Fodder

Welcome to my world of Mixed Media Art .. created using inks, watercolours, drawings, collage, gel
prints .. often a mix of some or all of these. I love to use bright colours and contrasts. My characters have often been described as whimsical. I’ve sometimes tried to veer away from cute but it’s just not in me so hey ho .. here I am with my pinks and turquoises and my adorable people and animals.

Whimsical Art
& Colourful Collage

My Products

My quirky art, illustrations and collage fodder can be purchased in original & digital formats.

For my own collages I make all my own papers. I love gel printing, stamping and stencilling,
splashing paint onto book pages and old ledgers, doodling .. if there’s a way to get colour, pattern
and texture onto a page I’m up for it. Looking to add to your collage fodder stash? You can
purchase original papers or digital downloads.

Collage Paper

Shop Collage Papers - Digital Downloads