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About Me

My name is Lesley. I’m a Creative with a passion for colour, for whimsy, for life.
I love to draw, paint, photograph and collage and many other things in between. I’m constantly
creating doodling and experimenting, and my hands are generally covered in paint.

About Me

I have been drawing literally forever but my creative career veered into photography for many yearsfrom my teens onwards. Having come back into more illustrative creativity of late I’ve honed my style and been inspired through various workshops and now consider myself a fully-fledged MixedMedia Artist.

Mixed Media Artist

Whimsical Characters

One of my areas of expertise is creating whimsical characters. They pop onto the page and come to life through sketches, ink drawings and collage. I am currently working on two Childrens’ Book Ideas.

Another aspect of mixed media which I am very drawn to is collage and the more I learn, the more I experiment and the more I include my own photography, sketches, handmade papers, and even my son’s artwork, the more I love this art form. Sometimes very abstract but always bold and colourful.

Shop illustrations

"Life is good when you can set aside time for Art"

I’m an avid traveller and wherever I am it’s all about the food, wine and local people. If I can combine all three then it’s a perfect trip.


I’m a Londoner but have been living in Tuscany in Italy for the past twenty years. I have a fantastic teenage son who is also very creative. A collaborative book is also on the cards.


My motto is “Life is good when you can set aside time for Art”

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